Located in Homer, IL, Toshware, Inc. is a privately owned company that manufactures custom saddlebags for Harley Davidson. Toshware, a Hapco customer since 2001, approached them with the idea of molding a durable polyurethane liner onto a flexible material to produce a saddlebag that was stiffer, weatherproof, lockable, and able to retain a particular shape. This was a unique concept and one that Harley Davidson was very excited about pursuing for its next-generation motorcycles. Hapco welcomed Toshware’s CEO, Rob Boyer, and his crew to their Hanover facility to learn some advanced aspects of the unique manufacturing process known as Liquid Molding. Hapco’s team of experts worked hands-on with Toshware for several days to develop a proprietary method for bonding the urethane onto the fabric.


Initially, a prototype tool was created to validate the process. This involved using a master pattern machined from aluminum to produce a urethane mold made from Hapflex 598. Hapflex Series materials are ideal for mold-making because they are extremely tough, wear-resistant, easy to use, and have very low shrinkage. The material chosen for the liner itself was Hapco’s S-RIM 6260.
S-RIM products exhibit production-grade properties and an unusually high “green strength.” This means parts can be de-molded in less than 10 minutes, reaching 75-80% of their physical attributes within that time frame. S-RIM is ideal for expediting manufacturing cycles and accommodating higher volume production.

The unique nature of this application and the fast gel time of S-RIM required the use of meter-mix dispensing equipment. Toshware chose Hapco’s premier dispensing system, RAPIDFIL, to handle the production requirements. RAPIDFIL has many standard features, such as an LCD computer, electric heat and agitation, stainless steel tanks, and a state-of-the-art hose management system. Rob was excited about utilizing a new feature that allows them to load pre-programmed “recipes” that incorporate the output speed, tank temperature, shot size, and purge time. When production moves from one application to the next, they can have RAPIDFIL ready to shoot parts with the push of a button.


Toshware was up and running with its new equipment and molding technology within a few short weeks of participating in the Collaboratory. Increased production orders from Harley Davidson resulted in Toshware purchasing additional meter-mix equipment and materials from Hapco, and they have remained a top-level customer for many years. The company has since leveraged this specialty Liquid Molding process and is applying it to many other markets.