X-80 Molding Chamber

Temperature Controlled Pressure Chamber

The X-80 Molding Chamber is a pressure tank and heating unit combined into one, high quality design. Assembled in our Hanover, MA facility, these chambers were designed to aid the liquid molder in creating a perfect part every time. These specially designed chambers can be essential in many Liquid Molding™ applications, especially where part clarity is essential. The combination of heat and pressure will help to ensure bubble-free castings and reduce final cure time by days. Simply stated, the X-80 Molding Chamber will decrease rejects and increase profits!

External Temperature Control

X-Series Molding Chamber Temperature ControlsDigital temperature control box. Easy to operate control unit with variable output for precision molding and curing.

Internal Heating System

The internal fan circulates hot air throughout the chamber. Wires have a quick disconnect to allow for shelf removal.

Pressure Gauge

Ashcroft© pressure gauge.

Pressure Relief Valve

110 PSI safety valve quick release of air before the tank’s maximum pressure is reached.

Thermal Insulation

Fully insulated tank for increased heat retention.

Stainless Steel Shelf

Stainless steel, removable or slide-out shelf for a level, easily accessible casting surface.

External Dimensions: 74″L x 31.5″W x 43″- 68″H(Adjustable)

Internal Dimensions: 44″L x 20″Dia.

Shelf Size: 36″L x 20″W (17″ shelf to ceiling)

Unit Weight: 725 lbs.

Max Pressure: 125 PSI

Max Temperature: 180°F

100% Mercury Free

All of Hapco's formulations are completely free of Mercury.

50th Anniversary

Hapco is proud to be celebrating 50 years in business.

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