RapidShot Cartridge Resin Dispensing Gun

We also manufacture and sell portable meter-mix dispensing equipment designed to eliminate the measuring, mixing, and mess associated with hand processing two-component materials. Our in-house experts can provide the “know-how” to help you get the job done right. RAPIDSHOT™ is a low cost, handheld, two component dispensing system specifically designed to dispense Hapco’s products. RAPIDSHOT™ uses convenient disposable plastic cartridges and disposable RAPIDSHOT mixers. These cartridges are easily filled using the proprietary cartridge stand. Partially used cartridges can be easily resealed, stored, and used in the future.

RAPIDSHOT™ is ideal for Liquid Molders looking to use fast systems, eliminate hand mixing and proportioning, dispense quickly while minimizing mess. RAPIDSHOT™ is a perfect companion to the X-11 Molding Chamber for trying the concept of metering and dispensing at a low cost, for short runs with faster cycle times and creating air free castings every time.