Medical Grade Liquid Plastics


Colorless Flexible Liquid Rubbers (20A-72D)

Steralloy E-Series products are flexible hybrid elastomers. These products are commonly used for food processing equipment, medical devices, and prototyping. Steralloy E-Series are colorless and easily pigmented using Hapco’s color dispersions.


Rigid Food Grade Epoxy Plastics (76-85D)

Steralloy™ R-Series products have passed ISO 10993-5 testing* and are suitable for applications where biocompatibility testing is required. These products have been used to create production parts, custom medical devices, prototypes, and much more!

*Hapco’s Steralloy formulations have been successfully used to manufacture products that have passed various levels of biocompatibility testing, however, the responsibility for testing cured parts to verify suitability for a particular application lies with the customer and/or end user. Hapco makes no warranty, expressed or implied, of fitness for a particular use.

NOTE: These products are intended for industrial use only. Refer to the Safety Data Sheets prior to use.

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All of Hapco's formulations are completely free of Mercury.

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