We are VERY happy with the results we’ve seen from your products, both from the primer adhesion side and the casting processing as a whole. We’re hoping to push Hapco material into more and more of our assemblies that require casting and grow our usage of your products across many other applications.

Tony Groshong
Connector Tech LLC


Rigid Epoxy Compounds (70-95D)

Sympoxy™ consists of rigid, production grade dielectric epoxies for casting, potting, encapsulating, insulating, coating, and more. This series includes black, white, and clear amber formulations, as well as various physical attributes to match your application requirements.


Heat Cured Epoxy Powder

Sympoxy™ 1960G is a lightweight alternative to liquid epoxies for potting, encapsulating, insulating, and coating electronics. It is ideal in applications where exothermic or curing temperatures above 85°C cannot be tolerated and where thermal expansion/contraction should not harm delicate components.

NOTE: These products are intended for industrial use only. Refer to the Safety Data Sheets prior to use.