At Hapco, Inc., our Hapflex™ series represents a range of flexible to semi-rigid urethanes crafted for outstanding durability and consistent performance. Designed for use across multiple demanding sectors, these high-grade elastomers have set industry benchmarks.

Key Attributes of Hapflex™ Elastomers:

  • Impact and Shock Absorption: Engineered to bear intense forces without compromising on structure or performance.
  • Superior Abrasion Resistance: Built to withstand wear and tear, even under the most challenging conditions.
  • Exceptional Flexibility: Formulated to fit meet durometer requirements, the versatility of our elastomers remains unmatched.
  • Aging Excellence: Our hybrid urethanes have superior aging properties, ensuring longevity and sustained performance.
  • Robustness: Formulated to be virtually unbreakable, offering dependable solutions for varied needs.

Industry Applications of Hapflex™ Products:

To accommodate a diverse set of needs, Hapflex offers a variety of durometers, gel times, and colors, each designed for specialized applications.

  • 500 Series: For projects demanding high shock resistance coupled with flexibility.
  • 600 Series: Unbreakable semi-rigid urethanes crafted for maximum resilience.
  • 700 & 800 Series and 1000 Series: flexible and colorless two-component elastomers, optimal for creating functional prototypes.

Our Hapflex™ elastomers are indispensable across various sectors, including:

From orthopedic padding and automotive shock absorption systems to industrial gaskets and prototyping, Hapflex™ by Hapco is the choice of discerning professionals globally, owing to its unparalleled strength and abrasion resistance.

For detailed insights into the Hapflex™ series or to explore our other elastomer compounds, kindly request a quote, and our seasoned experts will connect with you promptly.

If you want to know more about the Hapflex™ series or other two-component elastomer compoundsd materials, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Feel free to request a quote, and our experts will get in touch with you shortly.

We are VERY happy with the results we’ve seen from your products, both from the primer adhesion side and the casting processing as a whole. We’re hoping to push Hapco material into more and more of our assemblies that require casting and grow our usage of your products across many other applications.

Tony Groshong
Connector Tech LLC

We’ve been using Hapflex 665 and 668 to cast patterns and core boxes since the late ’80s and man this stuff is TOUGH! It’s a bit pricier than Freeman and BJB but the quality and consistency are what keeps coming back to Hapco year after year.

Jim Henson
Oil City Ironworks

We’ve been using Hapflex and Steralloy for low volume medical device manufacturing for over 40 years. The quality and consistency are second to none! I can’t say enough about their customer service either. Jennie, Fred, Dan, and Rick are all great at what they do!

Dick Smith
Smith Prototypes


Flexible Urethane Elastomers (60-95A)

Hapflex™ 500 Series products are shock resistant and virtually unbreakable, making them perfect for permanent molds or parts that will withstand repeated abuse. A major advantage is their performance in low temperatures. These liquid rubbers have been used for casting molds, parts, seals, gaskets, pads, and coatings.


Semi-Rigid Urethane Elastomers (50-72D)

Hapflex™ 600 series products are known for their superior impact and abrasion resistance. When post-cured, these hybrid polymers are virtually unbreakable. Living hinges, protective coverings, fixtures, forming dies, foundry patterns and core boxes are just a few examples of 600 Series applications.


Hapflex™ 700 & 800 Series products are flexible and colorless, making them great for use with Hapco’s Color Dispersions. These thermoset liquid rubbers make excellent adhesives, but are commonly used to cast prototypes, colored production parts, domed labels, coatings, pads, seals and gaskets.


Low Durometer Urethane Elastomers (20-55A)

Hapflex™ 1000 Series products are soft, colorless, thermoset liquid rubbers. These two-component hybrid elastomers are used in industrial, electrical, and prototyping applications (bumpers, pads, gaskets, etc.) The 1000 Series can also be used to make molds for resin casting.

NOTE: These products are intended for industrial use only. Refer to the Safety Data Sheets prior to use.