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Flexible & Rigid Dielectric Compounds (25A-95D)

Di-Pak™  consists of flexible and rigid, production grade, dielectric polyurethanes and epoxies for potting, encapsulating, insulation, coatings, and much more. Di-Pak™ includes opaque and translucent formulations, as well as various gel times to match your application requirements.


Flexible & Rigid Thermoset Compounds (53A-85D)

Filter-bond™ is a series of thermoset potting compounds used for potting and pre-potting applications by some of the industry's largest filter manufacturers. 


Flexible, Semi-Rigid, & Rigid Elastomers (25A-72D)

Hapflex™ is easily Hapco’s most versatile line of thermoset materials. With a wide range of gel times, durometers, and colors to choose from, these high quality thermoset resins have been used for casting molds, parts, seals, gaskets, pads, linings, coatings, and much more.


Non-Inhibiting Silicone Rubber (35A)

Hapsil™ is a high tear strength, tin-catalyzed RTV-2 silicone rubber. Hapsil™ works well with clear and colorless casting resins that typically exhibit a sticky, uncured surface when cast against most silicones.


Food Grade Polyurethanes & Epoxies (25A-85D)

Food mashers, sugar and chocolate molds, dough rollers, pill chutes, filling nozzles, and sorting channels are a few examples of components that can be made from Steralloy™ products.


High Impact Polyurethane Plastics (84D)

Tuffalloy products are commonly used for casting prototype and production parts that must exhibit thermoplastic properties, such as high impact resistance and service temperature. These products cure to a translucent light brownish color and are available in 4 speeds.


UV Resistant Clear Polyurethane Plastics (80D)

Ultraclear™ products are UV resistant, mercury free, and low viscosity. Ultraclear™ has been used for prototyping, aftermarket parts, custom lenses, sculptures, potting, encapsulating, and much more!


Polyurethane Liquid Plastics (76-80D)

Commonly used for casting museum quality reproductions, medical models, and medical device housings, Ultralloy™ includes several clear, white and amber materials that are available in different gel times depending on your processing needs. The Ultralloy™ 300 and 3300 Series products are UL 94V-0 and carry a yellow card from UL.

100% Mercury Free

All of Hapco's formulations are completely free of Mercury.

RoHS Compliant

All of Hapco's products are in compliance with Directive (EU) 2011/65.

ISO Certified

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