Hapco, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-performance polyurethane and epoxy potting compounds, coatings, and adhesives. We have an extensive range of thermoset materials that were designed to meet the top industry standards for all applications.

Comprehensive Product Range

We specialize in semi-rigid hybrid urethanes and epoxies with varying characteristics and formulations to meet your application’s requirements. Choosing the correct product for your specific application is crucial to achieving optimal performance and longevity. 

Flexible Urethanes

Flexible urethanes are also known as liquid rubbers. These materials have incredible pliability and resilience, even when exposed to low temperatures. Due to its durability and elasticity, it’s commonly used to create permanent molds and prototypes.

Flexible urethane brands:

  • Hapflex™ 1000 Series: A two-component hybrid that’s soft and colorless, these Shore A elastomers can be easily pigmented and are used for mold making.
  • Hapflex™ 500 Series: This material presents high shock resistance and durability, allowing it to withstand any abuse. They’re commonly used to produce products in harsh and stressful environments, performing well in extreme temperatures.
  • Hapflex™ 700 & 800 Series: Ideally used with Hapco’s Color Dispersions due to its flexible and colorless properties, these liquid rubbers make for excellent adhesives and are unbreakable once cured due to their outstanding durability.
  • Di-Pak™ E-Series: This high-performance series consists of flexible dielectric polyurethanes, generally used as insulation, encapsulating, and coatings. The series also include hydrophobic products used in antifungal or underwater applications.

Semi-Rigid Urethanes

Semi-rigid urethanes are low-cost materials that solidify quickly into semi-rigid plastics with superior impact resistance. They have low-density and slightly flexible properties, making them easy to process.

Semi-rigid urethane brands:

Hapflex™ 600 series: This series consists of hybrid elastomers known for their superior abrasion and impact resistance. Once they are cured, the product becomes virtually indestructible with flame retardant properties. Its applications include foundry patterns, roller facings, and forming dies.

Di-Pak™ E-Series: Apart from flexible materials, the Di-Pak™ E-Series also consists of semi-rigid urethanes for different applications, such as potting, insulation, encapsulation, and coatings.

Rigid Urethanes

Rigid urethanes have high thermal insulation properties and compressive strength, which can support industrial applications. Once cured, it becomes lightweight and incredibly robust.

Rigid urethane brands:

  • Ultralloy™: Used to cast museum-quality reproductions and medical device models, Ultralloy is available in several gel times, depending on your specific needs. The Ultralloy™ 300 and 3300 Series are flame retardant and will pass UL 94V-0 testing.
  • Ultraclear™ 480N Series: The clarity, UV resistance, and low viscosity make this series an ideal option for aftermarket parts and other prototyping applications. In addition, they can be easily pigmented using Hapco’s color dispersions.
  • Tuffalloy™ 4270 Series: Typically used to produce castings and parts requiring thermoplastic properties, such as good chemical resistance and low water absorption.


Epoxies are thermoset materials with numerous applications since they can be easily converted into any form. Multiple industries rely on this material because it’s easy to work with and has a wide range of formulations.

Epoxy brands:

  • Di-Pak™ R-Series: This rigid dielectric compound is opaque and has translucent formulations. These are also available in varied gel times to meet your project needs.
  • Sympoxy™: This series has low viscosity and incredible electrical properties.
  • Steralloy™ R-Series: Ideal for projects requiring biocompatibility testing, such as medical devices and food processing equipment. It’s also RoHS compliant and has passed ISO 10993-5 testing.
  • Filter-bond™: Primarily serves the largest filter manufacturers, this series is widely used for potting and encapsulating filtration media.

Epoxy Powder

Epoxy powders are lightweight potting solutions that feature flame retardancy, resistance against thermal shock, and excellent moisture resistance. Sympoxy™ 1960G is a heat-cured epoxy powder mainly used for potting electrical components. Sympoxy™ is also used in applications where exothermic or curing temperatures above 85°C aren’t tolerated. 

Clear Urethanes

Clear urethanes are primarily used to produce parts and components with high clarity that can withstand sunlight. It can also be pigmented with different colors from Hapco’s color dispersions to provide aesthetic value.

Clear urethane brands:

  • Ultraclear™ 480N Series: These water-clear urethanes are highly UV-resistant and mercury-free. Therefore, these are perfect for applications that require exceptional clarity. Some examples include optical components and training models. The multiple gel times make it an excellent choice for small, average, and large castings.
  • Ultralloy™ 200 Series: These resins are typically used as liquid molding compounds to cast reproductions and high-precision prototypes. They don’t change color during the phase-shift from liquid to solid, making them great thermoset resins for pigmenting and tinting.
  • Ultralloy™ 300 Series: A series of clear, flame retardant polyurethane casting resins that will pass UL 94V-0. These products are commonly used to cast prototypes, production parts, aftermarket parts, and medical devices. Its tensile strength is between 8,900 psi to 10,600 psi.


We focus on tin-catalyzed RTV-2 silicone rubber with exceptionally high tear strength called Hapsil™ 360. This non-inhibiting rubber silicone can be used with clear and colorless casting resins, which exhibit sticky and uncured surfaces when cast with other types of silicones.

What makes Hapsil™ 360 stands out is that it can cure even at room temperature when applied on any surface. Additionally, it’s easy to mix and de-gas, doesn’t require any releasing agent, and cures with minimal shrinkage. Hapsil™ 360 is ideal in applications where strong but flexible rubber is needed.

Trust the Experts to Deliver Quality Epoxy and Polyurethane Products

Urethanes and epoxies are used in a vast range of industries for a myriad of applications and processes. With our expertise and high-performance solutions, you can find the right material to drive your projects’ success.

Contact us today if you want to know more or request a quote, and we can give you a cost-effective solution tailored to your needs.