Moldmaking Technical Support HapcoThermoset prototypes and molds are used in nearly every manufacturing industry and a broad set of chemicals and formulations are used in prototyping and production.

Given the wide range of both needs and solutions, how do you know you are taking the best approach to advancing your next creation? It’s no trivial question. After all, this is where new ideas often make their first three-dimensional impression, or where they prove their financial advantage.

Many manufacturers are small but novel businesses, or have limited R & D resources. A thermoset supplier capable of sharing their expertise can make the difference between go and no-go, profit and loss. Partnering with the right company does more than provide mold materials—a collaborative approach helps manufacturers discover otherwise unattainable solutions. It’s a classic application of “two minds are better than one”.

Think about it. Your company knows your market, your design team is expert at defining the end product, and your accountants know the cost constraints. Dimensions and dollars are defined down to multiple decimal places. How do you apply this kind of focus and detail to potential thermoset needs? You simply cannot.

Partner with an expert. Find a thermoset supplier that opens their doors and knowledge to you. Some have a yeoman’s offering of materials that meet manufacturing needs of all kinds. Others are more niche-oriented. Ultimately, one that adds its full capabilities to yours gives you the greatest chance for success.

Does the thermoset supplier have material and manufacturing expertise? Do they provide a laboratory to incubate and test manufacturing concepts? With which manufacturers have they collaborated?

The answers to these questions may lead you to a new source of thermoset expertise, a collaborative relationship and a successful partnership.

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