X-20 Molding Chamber

Temperature Controlled Pressure Chamber

The X-20 Molding Chamber is a pressure tank and heating unit combined into one, high quality design. These specially designed chambers can be essential in many Liquid Molding™ applications, especially where part clarity is essential. The combination of heat and pressure will help to ensure bubble-free castings and reduce final cure time by days.


X-20 Molding Chamber


The X-20 Molding Chamber is a premium unit that combines a pressure tank and heating system into one sleek design. Manufactured at our Hanover, MA facility, these chambers are specifically engineered to assist liquid molders in producing flawless parts consistently. The integrated heat and pressure system ensures bubble-free castings and significantly reduces the final cure time by several days.

  • Digital Temperature Control Box
  • Galvanized Steel Construction
  • Internally Heated
  • Fully Insulated
  • Removable Shelf
  • Constructed from heavy gauge steel with forged steel clamps
  • A.S.M.E. Code Tanks


External Dimensions: 36″L x 20.5″H x 20″W

Internal Dimensions: 27″L x 14″Dia.

Shelf Size: 27″L x 12″W (9.5″ Shelf to Ceiling)

Unit Weight: 118 lbs.

Max Pressure: 110 PSI

Max Temperature: 180°F


X-20 Molding Chamber