Meter-Mix Dispensing Machine

MINIFIL™ is a portable, 2 component resin dispensing machine. MINIFIL™ is assembled in-house and can be customized to meet your project’s unique requirements.




Dispensing Gun and Hose System

MinifilThe dispensing gun features a comfortable and easy to use design. All mixing is external for quick and easy maintenance, with 2 liquid hoses and an electrical harness on the inbound side (the feed side). On the outbound side (nozzle side) there is a threaded protrusion and 2 output ports. The trigger of the gun is equipped with a safety lock. The gun and hose are supported by a flexible counter balance system which can be floor or machine mounted. This arm can move in virtually any direction and can reach molds up to 7 feet away.


Access Panels

Minifil Side PanelMINIFIL™ has two easy access service panels, one on each side. One side is drive system access and the other is the tank shutoff and drain valve access. The drive system is belt driven for continuous, smooth, quiet operation. The ratio is determined by the size of the sprockets on each side. Each tank has a main shut off valve and a 1/4 turn ball valve with a drain hose for draining the tanks.