Digitally Controlled Meter-Mix Dispensing Machine

RAPIDFIL™ is a portable, LCD computer controlled, 2 component resin dispensing machine. RapidFIL is assembled in-house and can be customized to meet your project’s unique requirements.


Portable Meter-Mix Dispensing Machine

MINIFIL™ is a portable, two-component resin dispensing machine, assembled in-house and made-to-order. It is reliable, easy to use, and can be customized to accomodate a wide variety of polyurethanes and epoxies.


Handheld Cartridge-Based Dispensing System

RAPIDSHOT™ is a handheld, two-component dispensing system that uses convenient disposable plastic cartridges and disposable RAPIDSHOT mixers.


Temperature Controlled Pressure Chamber

The X-11 was specifically designed for casting polyurethane and epoxies and is essential in many Liquid Molding applications. The combination of heat and pressure helps to produce bubble-free castings and reduces cure time dramatically.


Temperature Controlled Pressure Chamber

The X-20 combines heat and pressure to reduce cure time and reject rates. The X-20 is almost identical to the X-11, however, it is slightly longer(27″L) and has a 400 watt internal heating unit as opposed to a 200 watt heater.


Portable Vacuum Chamber

The X-VAC™ is a portable, custom designed vacuum chamber used for degassing up to two five-gallon containers at a time. The X-Vac Chamber can be purchased separately or with a pump.