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The Titan Disaster

On June 18, 2023, the maritime community faced a tragic event: the implosion of the Titan, a submersible operated by OceanGate. This incident occurred in the North Atlantic Ocean, near Newfoundland, Canada, during a mission to the Titanic wreck site. Aboard were five individuals, including OceanGate Expeditions CEO Stockton Rush and renowned deep-sea explorer Paul-Henri […]

Filters: A Key Tool in the Fight Against Covid-19


Filters are an essential component to entire industries, manufacturing facilities, processes, and in some cases, the end products themselves. Filters are enabling the tools and devices that are essential to defeating this invisible enemy we are now facing: Covid-19.

Using Polyurethanes in Medical Device Applications

scientist working at the laboratory

Medical Device Manufacture encompasses a wide range of health care products that are used to diagnose, monitor, or treat a disease or condition that affects humans. Medical technology extends and improves life. It can help alleviate pain, injury, and handicap. The endless improvement of medical technology enhances the quality and effectiveness of care and is […]

Hapco’s Vacuum Chamber Video Demo

Watch as Fred DeSimone discusses the features of Hapco’s vacuum chamber, the X-Vac™. The video features a demonstration of Hapco’s custom vacuum chamber, the X-Vac. The X-Vac is a portable, custom-designed steel chamber ideal for degassing liquid resin products. The X-Vac is a solid stainless steel tank, manufactured according to ASME standards. The tank has […]

Toxics Use Reduction Act


Enacted in 1989 and amended most recently in 2006, The Toxics Use Reduction Act(TURA) requires Massachusetts companies that use large quantities of specific toxic chemicals to evaluate and plan for pollution prevention opportunities, implement them if practical, and annually measure and report the results. Learn more. TURA Reporting & Fees Each company considered a Large […]

Meter-Mix Dispensing Equipment

Manufactured in our Hanover facility, the RAPIDFIL™ and MINIFIL™ systems showcase Hapco’s dedication to quality and reliability, designed with the precision our customers expect. Our hands-on production approach ensures every machine — from the digitally controlled RAPIDFIL™ to the analog simplicity of the MINIFIL™ — meets our users’ needs without compromising performance. The RAPIDFIL™ stands […]

Comparisons of Common Thermoplastics to Hapco Products

Thermoplastic Comparisons to Hapco Products

Polypropylene (Impact, heat and flex) Polypropylene has a tensile strength of 4,500-6,000 psi, an elongation of 1-600% and an izod impact of 2.2-no break at all. For the best simulator of these properties, Hapco would recommend using Hapflex 666 or Hapflex 671. Both products come in slow and fast gel times and are available in […]

Choosing The Best Static Mixer


“There are so many different static mixers, which one is right for my application?”, is a common question asked by our customers. The answer, as with many aspects to liquid molding, is complicated and should ultimately involve testing by the user within their application; however, there are some basic differences in the static mixer, which […]

3D Printing is Hitting the Mainstream


The world’s first 3D printed gun was successfully fired a few weeks ago and besides sparking numerous debates about gun laws and regulation of this technology, it also introduced 3D printing itself to mainstream America. In this article, I will discuss where this technology started, some of the current trends and the future possibilities for […]