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The Titan Disaster

On June 18, 2023, the maritime community experienced a tragic event: the implosion of the Titan, a submersible operated by OceanGate. This incident occurred in the North Atlantic Ocean near Newfoundland, Canada, during a mission to the Titanic wreck site. Aboard were five individuals, including OceanGate Expeditions CEO Stockton Rush and renowned deep-sea explorer Paul-Henri […]

Resin Shortage and Supply Chain Disruptions

The world is suffering a raw material shortage, and its effects will likely continue for the foreseeable future. The plastics industry, in particular, has continued to be impacted by labor shortages, higher demand, and a restored import tax on resins. Plastic resins, the primary material utilized in everything from packaging to automobile parts, have increased […]

Epoxies vs Polyurethanes

Various polyurethane products from polyurethane products

Resin coatings are extremely useful in commercial and industrial settings and even in the art world. Resins are commonly used to coat surfaces like concrete floors or countertops, create high-gloss finishes, and make repairs. Two of the most common resins are epoxies and polyurethanes. Generally, epoxies are rigid, while polyurethanes will typically be more elastic. […]

Filters: A Key Tool in the Fight Against Covid-19


Filters are an essential component to entire industries, manufacturing facilities, processes, and in some cases, the end products themselves. Filters are enabling the tools and devices that are essential to defeating this invisible enemy we are now facing: Covid-19.

Vacuum Vs. Pressure When Resin Casting

vacuum vs pressure

Q. What is the difference between vacuum degassing and pressurizing? A. Vacuum de-gassing expands the air trapped during mixing or pouring, causing the bubbles to grow, rise to the surface, and in most cases, release. After a period of time the amount of trapped air decreases. The material’s viscosity and surface tension will determine how […]

Post Curing Thermoset Resins


In the past, we’ve discussed the importance of temperature control when casting with thermoset resins. In this article, we will focus on the post cure process for molds or parts made with thermoset resins. What is post-curing? Post curing is the process of exposing a part or mold to elevated temperatures to speed up the […]