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A Helpful Guide to Processing High Viscosity Resins

High Viscosity Epoxy

There are many specialty resins that are formulated for highly-engineered applications, and because of their unique chemistries, they have a thicker viscosity than other products, making them a bit trickier to process. This article offers helpful advice to those who need to process a thicker viscosity resin in order to meet a wider range of requirements for their parts.

Meter-Mix Dispensing Equipment

Manufactured in our Hanover facility, the RAPIDFIL™ and MINIFIL™ systems showcase Hapco’s dedication to quality and reliability, designed with the precision our customers expect. Our hands-on production approach ensures every machine — from the digitally controlled RAPIDFIL™ to the analog simplicity of the MINIFIL™ — meets our users’ needs without compromising performance. The RAPIDFIL™ stands […]