Meter-Mix Dispensing Equipment

Manufactured in our Hanover facility, the RAPIDFIL™ and MINIFIL™ systems showcase Hapco’s dedication to quality and reliability, designed with the precision our customers expect. Our hands-on production approach ensures every machine — from the digitally controlled RAPIDFIL™ to the analog simplicity of the MINIFIL™ — meets our users’ needs without compromising performance.

The RAPIDFIL™ stands out for its advanced controls, portability, and user-friendly operation, becoming a key asset in manufacturing settings where efficiency and dependability are critical. Its design emphasizes long-lasting performance and operational simplicity, helping businesses keep production moving smoothly with fewer interruptions.

The MINIFIL™, though similar in output to the RAPIDFIL™, opts for manual operation, offering a solid option for those seeking simple, dependable machinery. Hapco is committed to offering versatile solutions that cater to the varied requirements of our clients, from small shops to extensive manufacturing operations. Our focus on durability, efficiency, and ease of use continues to support professionals across various sectors, solidifying the trust in our American-made products.

Hapco’s General Manager, Fred DeSimone, discusses the dispensing technology, showcasing the features, innovative applications, and distinctive benefits of Hapco’s RAPIDFIL™ and MINIFIL™ meter-mix dispensing machines. Fred provides a detailed comparison between these flagship models, highlighting their advantages in various industrial applications, from electronics manufacturing to automotive assembly.