Hapco’s Vacuum Chamber Video Demo

Watch as Fred DeSimone discusses the features of Hapco’s vacuum chamber, the X-Vac™.

  • The video features a demonstration of Hapco’s custom vacuum chamber, the X-Vac.
  • The X-Vac is a portable, custom-designed steel chamber ideal for degassing liquid resin products.
  • The X-Vac is a solid stainless steel tank, manufactured according to ASME standards.
  • The tank has a vacuum gauge and inlet valve on the outside, with a range from zero to 30 inches of mercury, indicating full vacuum.
  • The acrylic lid rests on a cast-in rubber gasket and is attached to the painted steel chamber via heavy-duty steel hinges.
  • The X-Vac chamber is 23.5 inches in diameter and can fit up to two five-gallon containers of material.
  • The chamber measures 18.5 inches from the bottom shelf to the inside top of the lid.

In the video, Fred demonstrates the following steps to degas a five gallon bucket using the X-Vac chamber:

  1. Lift the lid on the X-Vac chamber until it comes to a complete stop.
  2. Place a five-gallon container of Hapflex 661 in the tank.
  3. Close the lid.
  4. Hook up the vacuum pump to the fitting and open the ball valve.
  5. Watch the mixture carefully as it swells up under nearly full vacuum, with air bubbles appearing and bursting at the surface.
  6. After a few seconds, the material will collapse down to its original volume.
  7. Occasional bubbles may continue to appear at the surface, but after a few minutes, the material is fully degassed.