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River Cribbage Board Using Hapco Resins

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Over the past year, the wood and resin craft market has hit its stride. A quick search on Etsy or YouTube yields thousands of results. We’ve fielded numerous calls from artists, furniture makers, and entrepreneurs trying to find a good epoxy to use for casting river tables, wood/resin jewelry, lamps, and various other artistic endeavors.

River Epoxy Examples

Examples of high end goods that marry wood and epoxy with incredible results.

We were prepared to formulate a new material to meet the demands of the market, but first we wanted to gauge how our current formulations performed. We decided to test some of our high-end epoxies to get an idea of the handling properties that would be important, and also to gain insight into some of the challenges facing end-users.

Ultraclear Coaster

One of the many tests. This was made using Ultraclear 480N-10 with a drop of TD-23 blue tint.

After months of testing, we found that our Sympoxy™ 1010-CA810 yielded the best results. It has a 1:1 ratio, great viscosity for coating, a 45 minute gel time, 24 hour cure time, and it has a beautiful, glossy finish. To really put this material to the test and to gain more first-hand experience, I decided to use the Sympoxy for a personal project that I had been planning for a few months: A ‘Game of Thrones’-inspired, epoxy river cribbage board.