PrototypingAt Hapco, we understand the pivotal role prototyping plays in product development and innovation. Committed to excellence, we produce high-quality resins tailored for various applications, including those in the prototyping sector. Our expertise in resin manufacturing guarantees that our customers receive products that are both reliable and optimized for their rapid prototyping needs.

The prototyping industry has experienced a transformative shift in recent years, with 3D printing technologies becoming a ubiquitous tool in design and development processes. The ability to swiftly translate digital designs into tangible, physical prototypes has revolutionized how businesses approach product innovation. However, despite the proliferation of 3D printing, there remains a steadfast demand for traditional hand-cast liquid plastics. These conventional methods offer distinct advantages regarding material properties, finishing, and the ability to produce larger quantities without the need for complex machinery. While 3D printing provides rapid iteration and flexibility, the strength and versatility of thermoset resins continue to hold an essential place in the rapid prototyping world.

While 3D printing excels at rapid prototyping design iterations, there are instances where the finish, durability, or specific material properties required can be better achieved using urethanes or epoxies. Many businesses employ a hybrid approach, utilizing 3D printing to generate initial models, which are then refined or coated with hand-mixed liquid plastics. This blending of techniques enables designers and manufacturers to harness the best of both worlds, ensuring optimal fidelity, functionality, and finish in their prototypes. 

Working with Hapco, inventors and engineering teams get the advantage of our engineering-grade resins and custom dispensing equipment, suitable for numerous applications in rapid prototyping polymers and beyond. 

Hapflex™ is widely used in the prototyping realm due to its notable characteristics that cater to the demands of functional prototyping. Its balanced blend of durability and consistent results ensures that prototypes not only resemble the final product in appearance but also perform similarly in real-world conditions. Furthermore, 

Hapflex’s chemistry allows for precise prototype characteristics, capturing intricate design details that are pivotal in the rapid prototyping phase. Hapflex™ provides prototype manufacturers with an optimal solution for producing reliable and functional prototypes efficiently with the added benefit of being available in multiple working times and colors, including a colorless version for custom coloring.


Our RapidFIL™ and MiniFIL™ equipment enable quick-setting products that gel in seconds and de-mold in minutes. These machines enable in-house operations, providing a significant edge when swift design changes are necessary.

Compared to traditional materials, our resin offers enhanced flexibility and durability. Whether for aftermarket parts, filtration, food processing equipment, defense, medical devices, or underwater applications, Hapco’s products are made to last.

At Hapco, we see ourselves as more than just a supplier of products. We strive to be a reliable partner supporting your business with our proprietary resin formulas, custom dispensing equipment, and extensive industry knowledge. This unique combination of materials, equipment, and expertise makes us a preferred choice for many businesses looking to make functional prototypes. If you’re looking for a dependable resin and equipment supplier that understands your needs, consider Hapco.