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Hapco Inc. offers excellent mold-making and part duplicating materials, including semi rigid urethane and polyurethane materials with our reliable urethane dispensing  equipment. We are an industry-leading partner that offers modeling epoxy resin services to model makers to create a wide variety of replicas, training models, and museum-quality productions.

Additionally, epoxy resin for modeling is used for various applications, including prototyping and product development, medical simulations, art projects, and more. Our semi rigid urethane and polyurethane materials are lightweight yet durable enough to withstand the most challenging environments.

We use liquid molding to achieve our customer’s requirements. And we ensure that we exceed their expectations regarding epoxy modeling resin with our in-house capabilities and excellent manufacturing process.

Medical Training Models

Using Liquid Molding to Achieve a High-Quality Epoxy Resin Model


Liquid Molding is the best molding application for epoxy resin model making due to its many benefits. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • More design freedom: Unlike injection molding, liquid molding imparts design freedom. Therefore, we can meet your specifications without being limited to maintaining a uniform geometry.
  • Incredible results at early-stage productions: Liquid molding can produce highly complex parts at lower volumes.
  • Can re-melt thermoplastics: A major benefit of these materials is that they can be remelted reformed over and over. 

Liquid molding is a method widely used in the manufacturing of museum-quality replicas.This method is relatively easy to use. It is also is econimical for low volume production, and doesn’t require expensive tooling or equipment, as is the case with injection molding or 3D printing. With Hapco Inc., you can expect high-standard production procedures that will assure on-time shipping and 100% quality controlled epoxy resin. 

Several Formulations to Achieve the Ideal Model-Making Result

Hapco Inc. offers several formulations that were tailor-made for model-making and part-duplicating applications. For the most part, model makers will be hand mixing and pouring the epoxy resin for model making into a mold cavity to duplicate a part. However, Hapco’s unique, high-performance formulations can be used to create an end product that has production part characteristics. Some of our most popular two-component resins for creating epoxy models and replicas are:

The Ultralloy™ Series

The Ultralloy™ Series are high-performance polyurethane plastics with several clear, white, and amber materials. These are the perfect epoxy resin for models available in various gel times, depending on your processing needs.

The Hapflex™Series

The Hapflex™ Series is composed of flexible and semi-rigid urethane that offers fast or slow gel times, which will vary depending on your processing needs. These are known for their superior impact and are very hard to break. Furthermore, a wide range of durometers is available, from 20A to 72D.

We provide industry-leading mold-making & part duplicating materials

Hapco Inc. is an ISO-certified manufacturer that can deliver quality materials and equipment for a wide variety of thermoset plastic models and replicas. Our two-component polymers have been used to create, museum-quality replicas, multi-color training models, and optically clear display models. Furthermore, we provide 100% mercury-free and VOC-free materials to ensure the safest environment when duplicating components.

With over 50 years of experience, we can work with a diverse clientelle to integrate our high quality polymers and dispensing machines into their manufacturing process without limitations. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or request a quote so that we can get in touch with you immediately.