Medical Model

Hapco’s thermoset rubbers and plastics have been used extensively by model makers in the creation of a wide variety of replicas, training models, and museum quality reproductions. What makes Liquid Molding with thermoset resins more suitable for these model making applications versus injection molding with thermoplastics, are their relative ease-of-use, availability in small quantities, and the fact that they can be processed without expensive tooling and equipment. This presents an ideal scenario for professional model maker looking to produce models or replicas in quantities from 1-10,000 units.

Medical Training Models

Hapco has several formulations that are designed for mold making and part duplicating. In most cases, model makers will be hand mixing and pouring the casting resin into a mold cavity, typically silicone or polyurethane rubber, in order to duplicate a part. For model making applications demanding true “production part” characteristics, Hapco’s Ultralloy™ and Hapflex™ Series are popular choices. The Ultralloy™ Series includes several clear, white and amber materials that are available in different gel times depending on your processing needs. The Hapflex™ Series offers a wide range of durometers(20A to 72D) and fast or slow gel times depending on your process.