Medical Devices

Medical Device Manufacture encompasses a wide range of health care products that are used to diagnose, monitor or treat a disease or condition that affects humans. Medical technology can improve life and help alleviate pain, injury and handicap. The constant improvement of medical technology enhances the quality of care and is essential in the healthcare industry.Steralloy R-Series Group

Hapco’s line of polyurethane plastics and rubbers are used in the development or in many cases, the final production of wheelchairs, pacemakers, MRI scanners, surgical instruments, implants, machines, mechanical devices, component parts and many more.

Steralloy™ products range in hardness from 25A to 84D, making them useful for a wide variety of medical devices and components. They have often used in applications that require passing cytoxicity, biocompatibility, or USP Class VI testing, for example.

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