Processing equipment used in the food, beverage, and packaging industries often requires that specific components meet FDA guidelines and pass several tests before being put into production. These packaging industries include fruit and juice, dairy, food additive, brewery, meat, alcohol, dry ingredients, wine, bakery goods, and numerous others.

Pharmaceutical companies also need their facilities and processing equipment to meet strict standards. Cosmetic manufacturing, creams & lotions manufacturing, powder drying and granulating, powder mixing and blending, and tablet and capsule filling all involve custom-built processing equipment with one-of-a-kind components.

Food Processing Equipment

Hapco Materials

Food mashers, sugar and chocolate molds, dough rollers, pill chutes, filling nozzles, and sorting channels are a few examples of components made from Hapco materials. The ease of processing and high strength of polyurethanes make them the material of choice for these applications.

Unlike thermoplastics, thermosets are available in small quantities, i.e., quart and gallon units, and processed without expensive equipment or tooling. In the food processing equipment industry, where certain components are only manufactured in limited quantities, Cast Urethane Molding is typically preferred over Thermoplastic Injection Molding.

Steralloy R-Series Applications

Hapco Steralloy™ products

In the past, manufacturing companies have had reservations about using thermosets for food and drug applications. Many thermoset polyurethanes contain mercury and other toxic chemicals that would not pass most biocompatibility requirements. Hapco has solved this issue with the introduction of the Steralloy™ Series.

Steralloy™ products range in hardness from 25A to 84D, making them useful for various Food & Drug applications. They have often been used in applications that require passing cytotoxicity, biocompatibility, or USP Class VI testing.


Colorless Flexible Liquid Rubbers (20A-72D)
These hybrid elastomers are perfect for food processing equipment, medical devices, and prototyping due to their ability to withstand harsh chemicals and high temperatures. And the best part? They are easily pigmented using Hapco’s color dispersions, allowing for customizable design options.


Rigid Food Grade Epoxy Plastics (76-85D)
The Steralloy™ R-Series product line has passed ISO 10993-5 testing, making it suitable for medical applications where biocompatibility is necessary. These products create various items, including production parts, custom medical devices, and prototypes. The high quality and versatility of the R-Series make it a reliable choice for any project.

Safe, Strong, and Mercury-Free products

The Steralloy™Series provides a solution for decades-long food and drug manufacturing reservations about thermosets. Hapco’s innovative technology creates strong, safe polyurethanes that do not contain mercury or other toxic chemicals, and are completely inert once fully cured.

Our commitment to quality and safety means that you can trust our products and equipment for your food and drug applications. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your manufacturing process with our cutting-edge products.