Filter-bond™ Epoxy by Hapco, Inc.

Filter-bond™ is a series of casting and potting compounds ideally suited for potting, sealing, and bonding filtration and ultrafiltration products.

The Filter-bond R-Series is manufactured to ultra-high quality standards and has been used by customers to pass FDA approval.

Filter-bond™ R-30-6 Series
This series features 3 potting and adhesive systems specifically designed for potting and/or bonding Ultrafiltration products. The products in this series DO NOT CONTAIN AROMATIC AMINES or other carcinogenic or mutenogenic materials.

Filter-bond™ R-36
R-36 can be used in ratios from 2:1 to 1:1 by volume or weight, making it ideal for both field and production applications. R-36 is the “workhorse” of our polymer adhesive line and will bond most metals, plastics, ceramics, wood, fabrics, canvas, etc. As you increase the mix from 2:1 to 1:1, the cured product becomes semi-rigid and has lower heat resistance.

Filter-bond™ R-37-38
R-37-38 is a structural adhesive system specifically developed to bond filter media in Ultrafiltration applications. R-3738 provides excellent adhesion to similar and non-similar substances and is also chemically resistant.

100% Mercury Free

All of Hapco's formulations are completely free of Mercury.

50th Anniversary

Hapco is proud to be celebrating 50 years in business.

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