Urethanes and epoxies are widely employed in filtration and Ultrafiltration manufacturing for sealing, bonding, potting or encapsulating blood, gas, hepa, medical, clean room, wine & beer, pharmaceutical, and food processing filters.


Since 1980, Hapco has been custom formulating adhesives, sealants, and potting compounds for filter manufacturing companies worldwide. As a preferred supplier to corporations like Millipore, Pall Life Sciences, and Koch Membranes, Hapco takes pride in our ability to provide customers with the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art dispensing equipment. Hapco is continuously developing new processing methods to meet the needs of filter manufacturers around the world.

Filter-bond™ Epoxy by Hapco, Inc.

The Filter-bond Series was developed specifically for Ultrafiltration applications. This series includes products that do not contain aromatic amines or carcinogenic or mutenogenic materials, systems that can be used to pot moist membrane material in place without foaming, and materials that are easily trimmed when used in pre-pot applications. The Filter-bond™ Series includes a line of flexible and rigid materials to meet a wide variety of filtration applications. All Filter-bond products are compatible with Hapco’s RAPIDFIL and MINIFIL dispensing machines, which are used for potting or encapsulating various filter media.