UV Inhibitors and Surfactants

Hapco’s UV Screen 101™ is used when a part will see outdoor use on a continuous or periodic basis. Direct sunlight can be detrimental to a part’s clarity and UV Screen 101™ can enhance a material’s ultraviolet resistance. Anti-Air™ is often used when a material is too thick to degas in a vacuum chamber.

Color Dispersions

Opaque and Translucent Colorants

Hapco’s Color Dispersions have been used extensively in the prototyping and aftermarket parts industries to give pieces a unique look as opposed to painting them. Whether it’s intended to hide proprietary circuitry, or highlight individual components, Hapco’s Color Dispersions will leave a lasting impression.


Promote Adhesion to Metals & Plastics

Hapco’s primers can help to promote adhesion and increase the shear, peel, and tensile strength of Hapco’s epoxy and urethane adhesives and coatings. Primer 200 can be used on most metals and is available in a concentrated version for easier spraying.

Release Agents

Aerosol, PVA, and Wax Release Agents

Grease-It™ release agents are applied to mold surfaces to prevent adhesion and in many cases, prolong the life of the mold. Grease-It™ is available in a aerosol spray cans, in bulk containers, and is also available as a paste or liquid wax.