Our Mission

To manufacture and deliver the highest quality thermoset materials and processing equipment. Through superior technical assistance and customer service, we strive to achieve our customers’ complete satisfaction.”

Hapco Inc. Hanover, MA 02339 Established in 1969, Hapco is a leading formulator, manufacturer, and distributor of epoxy and polyurethane adhesives, coatings, release agents, and other liquid molding technologies.

In addition, we also manufacture and sell meter-mix dispensing equipmenttemperature-regulated molding chambers, and vacuum chambers for optimizing product quality and output.

Our hands-on technical guidance and training have allowed us to better serve our customers, and to understand their unique challenges in an effort to build lasting relationships.

As an ISO 9001 certified company with over 50 years of quality, service, and capability, Hapco plans to continue its dedication to formulating the future for all present and future partners.

Our History